John "Black Jack" Kehoe's
Hibernian House
Girardville, PA

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Owned and operated by Jack Kehoe's Great Grandson Joseph Wayne
Tours and Special Bar Openings can be arranged by contacting Joe Wayne at 570-590-1826 

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John "Black Jack" Kehoe

July 3, 1837 - December 18, 1878

Pardoned January 1979

The Hibernian House was the original hotel and meeting place of the Molly Maguire's owned and operated by John "Black Jack" Kehoe.  The hotel has been passed down to Kehoe's heirs and is currently owned and operated by Kehoe's great-grandson Joseph Wayne.


Over the years the Hibernian House has gone through several renovations.  Joe restored the bar area and hotel rooms to reflect the original look and has added several artifacts from the Molly Maguire era, such as the original Kehoe Jail Cell Door, Shackles, and Coal Mine Equipment.  Visit our photo gallery page for images of the Hibernian House interior.


You can schedule a special Hibernian House Bar opening and Tour by contacting Joe Wayne at 570-590-1826

The Hibernian House in the 1800's 

Hibernian House as it appears today

In 1964 Joe Wayne was able to acquire  Jack Kehoe's original jail cell door.

Visit our Photo Gallery pages to view photos of the Hibernian House Interior  and our Special Events.